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Work Limitations

Due to ongoing medical issues with my wife, I'm significantly limited in the amount of time I'm able to spend working in my shop. This will slow my progress getting through the significant backlog of work I already have. If you are currently on my waiting list, I'll still keep you there and let you know when I can get to your project, but your wait may be protracted. If you're a new customer, it will be difficult for me to predict exactly when I'll be able to get to you because my schedule and availability to work in the shop varies day-to-day.

I can sometimes make limited exceptions for small repairs and vapor honing work, so depending on your needs I may be able to get to you more quickly. Feel free to call me to discuss.

If you'd like to join the queue, please send an e-mail (including phone/e-mail contact info) to and I'll contact you when I'm able get you scheduled.

Thank you for your understanding,


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Welcome to Jim's Workshop

I Can Fix That!

I operate a small, veteran-owned general repair shop in Centerville, OH. I'm known for a willingness to tackle almost any repair job and for my commitment to your complete satisfaction. Bring me whatever's broken or in need of reconditioning and let me see if I can get it working again!

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The blog contains short articles with backstories on many of the things I can do for you.

Blichmann False Bottom

I'm really excited about how well vapor honing works. Click here to learn more about the process and how Jim's Workshop can help you with your project.

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Keep your equipment in great shape

Make your old parts look like new


Safely clean delicate and intricate items

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Jim has done multiple projects for me on Honda restorations and each time the work has been excellent. He is a careful perfectionist and despite the perfection, he seems to complete projects efficiently. Very fast turnaround for me too, which is a bonus. Thank you Jim!

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George M.

Jim is my "go to" fix-it guy. His quick response and attention to detail is greatly appreciated. When we lost a critical piece of equipment (our commercial-grade office coffee machine!), his speed at diagnosing the issue, getting the parts, and returning us to normal operations was greatly appreciated!

Chris C.

Jim repaired four Brown Jordan outdoor dining chairs from the Nomad collection. The original engineering was flawed, causing the metal struts to spring out of the cross legs. Jim took one look at them, and said: “I can fix that.” That was music to my ears. He did fix them and in such a way that they’ll never fail again. Do you know how hard it is to find a good repairman? And one who likes a challenge? Jim’s your man.

Doug B.

I took some heavily used motorcycle parts to Jim for vapor blasting and the results were stunning. I was quite impressed with the outcome. Jim's passion for restoring and displaying vintage motorcycles is readily apparent. He will see additional business from me....

Jim G.

Jim is awesome at fixing things. A while back we had a mower that we thought was a lost cause and after an hour or so, he delivered it to us and it now runs perfectly. I would highly recommend his work.

Jim D.

First of all it's one of the cleanest shops I've seen in years. Jim is very professional and knowledgeable about everything he works on. My service experience was great and I'll recommend my friends and family to bring shop needs to him. Thank You!

Ellis M.

What Jim did was nothing short of a miracle. I brought in a 48 year old bike that hadn’t seen the road in a few years. His professionalism, follow up, and responsiveness exceeded every expectation I could have ever had. I have found someone I will trust with many projects in the future. Thank you so much, Jim!

Andy S.

The service was top notch, and Jim went beyond my expectations to provide helpful information along with the repair.

David F.

Jim did a valve check/adjustment on my Yamaha. So knowledgeable and fair. I have already recommended him to my motorcycle friends.

Kevin D.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you solve whatever problems you're having!

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