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Metal Polishing

Get a beautiful shine

Very Shiny Motorcycle Engine Part

High-Gloss Finish

Makes aluminum look like chrome

Restore that original shine or add some new bling to your aluminum engine parts or other small items. I can remove casting lines and make your cast aluminum parts resemble billet. This process takes some time and attention to detail so it isn't the lowest cost service I provide. But the results are worth it! Call or stop by the shop and let's discuss what best meets your needs.

Nicely polished motorcycle hub

Brushed Finish

Restore that OEM look

Sometimes you don't want a high gloss, and a nice, smooth brushed look fills the bill perfectly. Brushed finishes generally require less labor than gloss finishes so this can be a cost-effective alternative. With either a brushed or gloss finish I can generally remove light gouges, scratches and tool marks from parts, so call me before you throw it away!

Polishing: Repair Services
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