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General Shop Labor - $65/Hr

  • Small engine repair, general repairs, metal polishing, parts cleaning, etc.

Vapor Honing Labor - $90/Hr​

  • Charged for actual time spent on the vapor honing process (most parts take a fraction of an hour)

  • Time spent prepping or pre-cleaning parts prior to vapor honing is charged at General Shop Labor rate ($65/Hr)

Minimum Charge - $20​

Pickup/Delivery - $30 if outside a 25-mile radius of my shop, otherwise free

Parts & Material - Actual cost + 10% handling fee

Shipping - Actual shipping costs

Payment - I accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. I'll also accept checks.

I offer a 15% Veteran's discount on all services EXCEPT parts/materials and shipping.

Pricing: About
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